The City of Dublin Skin and Cancer Hospital Charity in partnership with St. Vincent’s University Hospital has funded the refurbishment and equipping of The Charles Centre for Dermatology, which is now a world class clinical facility dedicated to enhancing the care of patients with skin disease.

The Charles Centre for Dermatology at St. Vincent’s University Hospital

From the outset, the Board of the Charity had made clear its view that support for dermatological initiatives would be dependent on fulfilling the principles of translational medicine, namely bringing science from the research laboratories to society. Towards this end the Board, having established the principles that would underline the foundation of the Charles Institute turned its attention to improving the clinical facilities for patients with skin disease in St. Vincent’s University Hospital to which the services provided by the City of Dublin Skin and Cancer Hospital had been moved on its closure in 2006. The Chairman of the Board of the Charity, Peter O’Flanagan, announced this ambition in 2008:

“In the vital context of bench-to-bed research and the successful collaboration between the researchers and the consultants in St. Vincent’s University Hospital and for the long term good of patients it is essential, in our belief, that this Clinical Facility is world class. We have already indicated to the Minister our willingness to contribute 50% towards any such new facility, and we are hoping that there is going to be real action on that front, and we are awaiting developments.”

Following meetings with the Board of St. Vincent’s University Hospital and consideration of planning proposals in consultation with dermatologists in St. Vincent’s University Hospital (led by Dr. Paul Collins) a detailed plan was deemed acceptable by all parties in early 2011. The final plan, which retained the dermatological services provided in the Hospital, incorporated additional space that effectively doubled the area for the provision of diagnostic and therapeutic facilities for patients with skin disease, while also providing easy direct access for patients. It was agreed this building would be named The Charles Centre, which in conjunction with The Charles Institute in University College Dublin provides a translational duality that fulfills the aspirations of the City of Dublin Skin and Cancer Hospital Charity.